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RP Log: Niou & Kirihara

Characters: Kirihara Akaya & Niou Masaharu
Rating: G
Timeline: Today! December the twenty-third.
Summary: Christmas buddies on the phone.

This part of the season sucked. Had it been any other year there wouldn't have been a problem, but as it was now, things generally sucked. Kirihara sulked. He couldn't go home for Christmas. Dad didn't want him there, he didn't want to be with dad, and mom... well, she hadn't really spoken up, had she? Thus, Kirihara sulked. He lay on his bed in the Hiyoshi household and sulked. It was almost amusing, really. The sulking. Because that's what he did. Sulked.

Niou wasn't the type of person to celebrate holidays, not really. It wasn't the sort of person he was. Niou was the type of person to use the holidays to his advantage. Perhaps, because of the events that had happened to a boy close to him, as of late, that he was feeling rather pensive. Digging out his cell phone he stared at it for a while before making up his mind, pressing in the number that he had already memorized long ago, Hiyoshi's house phone number.

"Hello", Mrs. Hiyoshi said as she picked up the phone. "Who's this?"

"Niou Masaharu." Niou replied in his flattering voice, "I'm looking for a Kirihara Akaya, is he there at the moment?" He questioned.

"Yes he is. I'll go get him", she answered, trying to sound as nice as possible. This was a polite boy, wasn't it? She hoped Wakashi knew him, he could learn one or two things from him...

She arrived at Kirihara's door and knocked on it. "Kirihara-kun? Phonecall for you, it's boy... Niou Masaharu. I have the phone here."

"Fine, I'll be right there", Kirhara answered, jumping off the bed. Finally something happened. Niou, huh? He had missed talking to him really. As Mrs. Hiyoshi handed him the phone, he quickly said: "Yeah? It's Akaya."

Niou grinned, "Kirihara." He greeted walking upstairs to his bedroom and flopping down on the bed. "What's up?" He paused, "How're you feeling?" Niou had a lot of questions for the other but that could wait until later.

Closing the door behind him, Kirihara started to talk as he flopped down on the bed again and rolled around impatiently as he spoke: "Don't know. I'm just super bored out of my mind, man... I miss you guys! Did you know that I ran into Sanada the other day? I'm fucking worried about him... How is everyone? How are you?"

Judging by the way Kirihara was speaking, Niou was trusting him on the part of Kirihara being alright. He gave a small, affectionate smile, even though the other boy wasn't able to see it, it had been like a giant burden had been taken off his shoulders. No, Kirihara wasn't a burden, that wasn't the correct term. The correct term would have to be that he felt relieved that the other was okay and was now able to relax more without having to worry about the other as much. "Really?" Niou mused for a bit, "Yeah, fukubuchou's been off a little bit, didn't really think it was that big a deal though." He was obviously wrong, "I'll talk to him after the holidays sometime, see if he's better by then. The rest of them are okay I guess." There left an un-said question there, 'when're you going to come back and complete us? It isn't the same without you.' "I'm fine, just wondering if you wanted to go out sometime this weekend." Niou murmured quietly.

Well, it was a big deal, but he wasn't about to fill Niou in on the details just yet. It was one thing that Niou had seen him when he cut himself, another one all together to tell him that Sanada had tried to kill himself and was emotionally very unstable. Maybe later, if he had Sanada's consent. "This weekend? Sure! Can't we celebrate Christmas or something? I've never really done that..."

"Only if I can steal you away from the Hiyoshi family long enough." Niou joked, "In all serious-ness, do you want to sleep-over at my place this weekend? We can do something with the rest of the team too-- only if you want to of course." Niou awaited a reply.

"Sure, that'd be great", Kirihara said cheerfully. He really had missed the other guys and spending time with them again would be a nice change of pace. As long as he didn't run into his parents.
sadistic tensai: Niou suddenly felt self-concious, "Awesome. What time can you get here by? --Or do you want me to go down there and pick you up?" He questioned, there was so much to do for preperation.

"It's okay, really", Kirihara laughed, sitting up on the bed. "I'm a big boy, I can make it down to the train station myself. But thanks, man. I think I can come... tomorrow?"

"Of course. Just give me a call before you get here, okay?" Niou replied a tingly feeling jolting through his body. Scolding himself mentally for being such an idiot he sat upright on his bed. "Guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Sure. See you then!" Kirihara hung up, a strangely spaced out grin on his face. At least some things were going in the right direction. That felt... good.

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