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Log: Kam 'n' Kiri

Who: Kamio (holy GOD he EXISTS) and Kirihara
When: Not too long after Kiri bumped into Sana
What: PG-13 because both of 'em need their mouths washed out, I swear
Why: Kam and Kiri bump into each other -- literally -- and go out for coffee.

Kirihara pulled his hood up over his head. Man. Late fall, early winter... Either way, the weather sucked. A lot. It was cold, rain threathened to fall and he was bored. Man, Tokyo wasn't a pretty city. At all. He longed to get back to the Kanagawa Prefecture and his friends over at Rikkaidai, but.... Speaking of them... Sanada was on his mind. Sanada had been his mind a lot lately. So much in fact, that he didn't notice the boy in front of him before it was too late. Crash, bang. Smack. Bull's eye. "Watch it!"

Crash, bang, smack, whoopsie, redhead goes ass over teakettle. Kamio went down in a heap and came up snarling. "Look, bastard, watch where you're..." Wait. He looked really really familiar. Curly black hair, green eyes...oh god. "Kirihara? What the hell are you doing down here? Didn't y'all go back to Kanagawa and Rikkai?"

Oh fuck. Of all fucking people in the entire fucking world... What were the odds, really? Kamio. Kirihara got to his feet, a smirk on his face. "My life's shot to bits, boohooo, everyone hates me, my life sucks and I needed a break? You gonna cry for me now?"

Okay, that was random. "Why the hell would I?" Kamio got himself back up and standing, brushing himself off. "I don't freakin' hate you, and life isn't all that bad so why should I cry?" No, it wasn't all that bad, when he wasn't worrying himself sick over one of his best friends. "Why the hell does life suck, anyway? And why'd you pick HERE to take a break?" Hell, it was Tokyo, and that wasn't exactly scenic resort material.

"Never mind", Kirihara laughed, pulling his hood up over his head again. "I'm just pulling your leg, man. But I'm here because a dude from Hyoutei offered me to live with him."

"Dude from Hyotei?" Kamio blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Shit, is EVERYONE from Hyotei living with someone from the school?" Given that Yuushi was living with him, after all. "Uh, well, welcome to Tokyo and shit. What're you doin' out here with the weather like this?" It was grey and icky but it wasn't raining. Not yet, at least.

"I guess", Kirihara shrugged. "You too? How come?" He kicked an empty can that lay on the ground in front of him and it flew several metres before connecting with a tree. From there it bounced and fell neatly into a trashcan. "Man, I'm good", Kirihara gloated, then looked up at the sky. "But hell if I know. I was bored I think."

How come? Kamio's laugh wasn't exactly nice. "'Cause if Yuushi went home he'd never get out and I'd never get to see him again. So he's staying with me and goin' to Fudomine." Which was way weird but hey, it worked for them. "Nice kick. And hey, I'm bored too. Got a couple hours to kill before Genichirou gets into town so I'm bored stupid. Yuushi's doin' some involved project-y thingie. Feel like bein' bored with me?"

"If you can stand being around me... sure." Kirihara almost gave a quick grin, then bit his lip, thinking. "Genichirou? As in Sanada-san? You know him?"

Did Kamio know Sanada? The redhead chuckled. "Lived with him 'til we all got packed off to go home. Best friend in the world outside Yuushi and Shinji. Why?" He glanced sideways at the other, curious.

Right. They were roomies over at the bording school were they? He had completely forgotten. Well shit. Kirihara shrugged, refusing to look at Kamio as he replied. "I don't know. It's just... He ain't really all fine and stuff right now, right?"

Er, well, not technically. Kamio had hauled Sanada into his dorm room after The Incident. His expression sobered dramatically at the statement. "No. He hasn't been for a damn long time. Not since..." He had to stop and think about it. "Hell. Not too long after I really got to know him. Saved my life and my sanity, y'know. When they dragged Yuushi home."

Not since...? Since Sanada tried to kill himself? Was that what the redhead meant? Kirihara decided to be blunt, just so that the other one knew what he knew. And didn't knew. "Good for you. Not since what, by the way? Since he tried to kill himself?"

"Before that." Kamio blinked roundly at Kirihara's statement. "How the hell did you learn about that? I thought it was just me and Yuushi and Buchou who knew." They'd kept it that way, too. He twitched as he recalled that day. Never again, thanks. "Before that. He was off well before that. But that...gods, I am never gonna forget that."

"He told me", Kirihara explained. Buchou? What freaking buchou? There were a lot of buchous in the world. But given the recent notes in Sanada's journal... Maybe that stiff Seigaku guy? "Wanna talk? You know, I didn't want to press him, so I didn't find out too much about stuff, only that things are way off with him. And I'm worried."

When people put the audible capital letter at the start of 'Buchou', they almost inevitably meant Tezuka. At least, the people Kamio knew. "He...told you? Wow...I thought he wasn't ever gonna tell anyone. And I'm game for talkin'...and you oughta be worried. I thought he was gonna be sorta kinda okay for a while but things are goin' downhill again. He's too far away...way too far away. We need him here."

"Guess I've been too wrapped up in me", Kirihara mumbled. "Never thought he'd have troubles like this, you know? Then again, I'm his kouhai and stuff, so maybe he wouldn't have shown me, but... We ran into eachother, and we talked, and I talked about me and I mentioned that I'm into cutting and then he said that he had tried to kill himself. Or something like that. Should we try and find some place indoors? So we can sit down and talk?"

Cutting? Kamio was about ready to brand all of Rikkai as one big mental case. He eyed the sky, then nodded. "Yeah. I know a spot. Come on." He led the way to a little coffee shop on the corner, one that wasn't frequented by too many people. It was warm though, and that was the important part. "He's really damn good at hiding what he's really feeling. But he got fucked up and good and it's been a long haul trying to put him back together."

Kirihara ordered some hot cocoa and sat down, blowing on the steaming cup. "Wanna start from the beginning?" He had this strange knot in his stomach, a feeling that told him that he didn't want to know these things, wanted to continue live in his own little world were all buchous and fuku-buchous were perfect creatures that could do just about anything. But he couldn't, he knew that. Maybe it was time he grew up? Oh shit. Maybe he should have ordered himself a cupcake or something as well...

Kamio ordered an espresso -- like he needed it -- and two frosted cupcakes. Sugar was sometimes a very good security blanket. "The beginning...heh. First time I really talked to him I was talking him out of pummelling Yuushi -- that's Oshitari Yuushi, by the by." Since he mentioned the tensai so much. "Not too long after that Yuushi's parents got wind of us -- they're Kansai, supertraditional, that went over like a lead balloon -- and yanked him out of school. I woulda gone nuts if Genichirou hadn't found me and kept me with him the entire time." Owed him for that. "Not too long after that he started...changing. Never slept, worked out too much, didn't eat enough; I was hounding his every step, it seemed like, just to get him to rest and recover."

"So you and Oshitari are like dating? Okay, and his parents didn't like it. Sound like mine then." Kirihara got up and when he returned, he carried a plate with three vanilla and chocolate cream cupcakes. Because, well... It was good. "I'm with you so far. Go on."

"Me and Yuushi are like so committed it hurts." Kamio held up his right hand, showing off his ring. "Think what got 'em is that it ain't just a fling. We'll be together for life and we know it." So there you go. He blinked at the cupcakes, then chuckled. Can't ever have too many cupcakes. "So. Things kept goin' further and further downhill and the guy he was dating was so fucking OBLIVIOUS and so goddamn self-centered that he didn't even notice when Genichirou plastered a suicide note in his journal." Venom, much? Kamio's utter hatred for Shishido was obvious. "I saw it. I ran down there, and Yuushi and I managed to get to him and snap him out of the pill haze before they took him under. Got him out of that room and back into ours. Told Buchou -- er, Tezuka-buchou -- the next day."

Kirihara nodded, he had a lot of questions, but he decided to have them wait for later. To shut himself up, he dug into one of the cupcakes and started to munch anway.

Kamio went on after downing half his latte. "Yuushi and I kept him with us after that. Buchou was upset; he hadn't been able to do anything and Genichirou was his roommate and I think he's still upset-ish. Not like I ever see him. He's busy. But yeah. He was with us the whole time until we all got booted out and sent home. Yuushi came to live with me and we would have preferred keepin' Genichirou with us too, but...well. He went home."

"Right... Now Sanada's not dating anyone, right? Or is he still with that prick Shishido? Remind me to knock his lights out later, by the way. I live over at Hiyoshi's, so..."

"Fucking kick his ass and I will come help." Kamio growled, looking like nothing so much as a vicious alley cat. "I won't let him anywhere near Shishido. Neither will Yuushi and neither will Buchou -- which surprises me 'cause Buchou's been with Ohtori this whole damn time. Shishido is about nine-tenths of the reason Genichirou's so fucked up. Little emotionally abusive bastard."

"What the hell did he do then? I mean... I only thought he was this stuck up jerkball or something, not some assthight bastard from hell!" Kirihara swallowed his cocoa and dug into his second cupcake.

"Two things. A constant stream of woe-is-me, everyone hates me, nothing ever goes right...he got Genichirou convinced that no matter WHAT he did, he wasn't enough to make the little shit happy." Kamio killed the rest of his latte. "The other was that he was so obviously hung up on his doubles partner that he broadcast it RIGHT in front of Genichirou. The whole time. Made him feel like the least important piece of shit on the planet."

"Well, that's nice of him", Kirihara growled and slaughtered his cupcake. Mmm, good. Well, anyway. "Sanada so doesn't deserve that! Fuck that shit. We'll go fuck him up together some day. Promise." He sighed and shook his head. "Did you know he sent Tezuka some song in some weird language over his journal? Sanada, I mean."

"Good. I've been itching to pound him into next year since all that bullshit went down." Kamio peered at Kirihara over a cupcake at that last comment. "He did? Damn. That's ooooold-school. We used to do that all the time, back before all this shit hit the fan. Weird language? Bet it was German. Buchou's fluent in the stuff." But then, Buchou was a genius. "What kinda song, d'you know?"

Really? He didn't know. Then again, he had been a really self centered little shit too, hadn't he? Man... "Some slow goth ballad or something? Sounded really cool."

"A slow goth ballad? That's...different." Kamio looked puzzled at that. "Must've just liked how it sounded and knew it was German so he figured Buchou'd like it. Though I thought...eh. Doesn't much matter. It's good to know he's reachin' out to his old roommate."

"Yeah. Tezuka's reply was a bit weird though... I think. Maybe. Fuck, I don't know. But still... Does Sanada have the hots for someone right now? Do you know that?"

Russet eyebrows knitted themselves together as Kamio eyed his companion. "Weird? Howso? And I don't THINK so...why? Did he say something?"

"Hell if I know. And maybe that's just that zero shit's way of saying "wow, thanks a lot man", or something. I don't know... We talked, but he was being closed off as usual. Stupid Sanada-sempai..." Kirihara huffed and started on his last cupcake.

"Dude, I didn't see it. What'd he say? And come on, cough it up. If he told you he'd tried to off himself he wasn't 'closed up'; he was givin' hints and stuff. He does that; gives hints, never says anything outright. His note on his journal before he took all those pills was real oblique...come to think of it, it was a song." Kamio licked the frosting off his cupcake. "So what'd he say? What'd Buchou say?"

"Hold on, okay? Let me think." Kirihara huffed some more and then got up to order himself another cup of cocoa. In his mind he started to backtrack, trying to sort his real memories out from those he thought he should have, since those false memories made it easier for him to appear. Well, fuck him.

Yeah, fuck him. Kamio sat back, waiting, as curious as a litter of kittens.

"We talked about me mostly, you know. Sanada and I. Because I'm not good with hints and stuff, I don't think I noticed something strange, and I still can't think of anything. But when he talked with Tezuka over the journal, he said something about meeting him might be just what he needed. And when he gave the song, he didn't say like 'here's a song that I like, would you like to listen to it', he was more like 'I want you to have this song from me' or something like that."

Kamio's mind whirled, and when it settled on a conclusion he paled, and shook his head abruptly to clear it. "Oh dear god. That's soundin' like he's hung up on...noooooo no no no no. That's bad. That is BAD. Really really bad." Twitch.

"You think so?" Kirihara bit his lip worriedly, thinking that maybe he should get yet another cupcake, just to calm down from the sugar, but then again, since when had he turned into Marui? So stupid... "I mean, between you and me, I always thought that if Sanada would end up with someone it had to be Yukimura-buchou, not anyone else, like Shishido or that super boring Tezuka dude. And sorry if you like him or stuff, but he just seems... Yano... boring." And then he looked curiously at Kamio. "Why do you sound as if it's like the world coming to an end?"

"Enh. I'm ambivalent on Yukimura-san. And actually, he's not boring; we all went to the beach once and it was a lot of fun. But this is BAD if that's who it is. BAD." Kamio eyed his latte', then drank whatever was left in the cup. "Tezuka-buchou is absolutely, totally, one hundred percent taken. And you know Genichirou, he's the ultimate in honor, he'd never dishonor that...oh hell."

"So he'd rather just shrink away and put himself down and... oh shit." He was definately getting that cupcake. Oh yes.

"...we got one big effing problem on our hands." That would be Kamio's brilliant statement on the whole subject. Hm. Sugar? Caffeine? Please? Now?

"Want one more coffee or something? My treat. I'm so gonna get something. Wish I could get a fucking beer..." He got to his feet and waited for Kamio to answer. Things were... just shitty right now.

"Yeah. Please. Most sugary thing up there. Thanks." Kamio could go for some booze himself, but he didn't know where to get any. Not like he looked old enough. He raked a hand through his hair, sighing.

After doing a quick detour to the bathroom to blow of some steam by murdering some toiletpaper, Kirihara returned with their orders. "Sorry it took some time man..." He sighed and placed the coffee and a slice of chocolate cake with lots of whipped cream in front of Kamio.

"S'ok." Kamio boggled at the choco-coffee overload, then picked up a fork and attacked the cake with it. "God. See, we're in serious trouble. SERIOUS trouble. Genichirou needs help but dear god. I don't know what to do."

Kirihara took a sip of his sugary coffee and dug into his own cake - man his stomach would kill him in the morning but who cared - before he answered: "I guess it's more than just simply hook him up with someone else, huh? Man, why does things have turn fucked up like this?"

"If only it was that easy. I mean, hell -- if the right person presented himself then shit, I'd say go for it. But I'm JUST a little picky about who's even allowed to see him." Yes, Kam really was that protective. "There'll be no repeats of all that bullshit with Shishido."

Whoa... A little overprotective over Sanada of all people? The energetic redhead from Fudomine never siezed to surprise Kirihara, or rather, entertain him. And of course the kid was cute as well, so he was nice to look at. Him and Tachibana, both. Wow, losing grip on the conversation here, Earth to Akaya, come in Akaya... "How about your mumbly buddy? He seems kinda weird and cool and... yeah."

"Oh no." Kamio actually laughed at that one. "Noooooo. That's almost like incest and incest ain't good, man." Yes, he was psychoprotective of Sanada. In a cute feisty kitten-with-an-attitude sort of way. Go figure. He took another bite of his cake.

"Incest?" Kirihara blinked, then laughed out loud, causing a quite a few heads turn to face him. He blushed and waved sheepishly at the crowd before returning his attention to Kamio. "I know! Kabaji! That's his name, right? That huge... thing."

Kamio just snickered and took another bite of his cake...only to almost choke on it. "Oh my god, you want to pair him up with a mountainous thingiewhatsit that only says one word, like, EVER, and only to Ore-sama? Oh I do NOT think so."

Kirihara laughed again, then yawned. "I know, man. I know. But you know... I should be getting back soon, but like... We need to talk more about this, right? Mail me? Or something. And we'll meet up again and stuff..."

"You bet." It felt WEIRD to be talking to Kirihara like this, but hell -- Kamio would take this over the alternative. He finished off his coffee and cake, then stuck his hand out on a whim. "Just so you know -- you're always welcome to drop by and stuff. I'll tell Yuushi so he's not all 'wtf' if you do, and it'll give you somewhere else to go visit." Like if you don't want to pummel Shishido that day and stuff. "I'll totally mail you."

"So cool", Kirihara grinned, feeling a bit weird himself. As he extended his hand and grabbed onto Kamio's, he couldn't help but think that here they were, more or less mortal enemies last year and now here they were, maybe starting a friendship of their own, based around a mutual friend. Wow, deep shit. "I'll drop by your journal too. You do have one right? I know I do, I can give you the addy if you want to so you can friend me... If you wanna."

Dude. That's, like, way deep or some such shit. Wow. Kamio shook Kiri's hand firmly, grinning in response. "Yeah, I got one, but I never write in it. Keep forgetting the damn thing exists. I'll start. I'll put you on my friends list if you put me on yours." Whoa, dude.

"Cool man. I'll do that. And I mostly angst in my journal, but if you can stand that, I don't have to angst in the comments and shit, right?" Oh man. Trippy. Almost.

"Pretty much. Angst on a journal is all good, since it means, yanno, that you don't have to angst at total strangers 'cause that sucks and they usually make you pay for it." Wow. Kamio, that was SO deep.

"So fucking true", Kirihara grinned and started to gather his stuff. He handed over a little note with his livejournal adress before starting towards the door. "See you around, dude."

After a bit of rooting around, Kamio came up with a scrap of paper that he scribbled his own LJ on, handing it over. "Likewise, man. You take care of yourself, 'kay?"

"Fuck yeah. And we'll figure this out." Kirihara tucked the note down into one of his pockets while stepping outside. Wow. after all that coffee... He should get home quickly so that he wouldn't have a bathroom situation sooner or later. That would just be such an anti-climax. Whoa... Trippy day.

Very trippy day. Kamio proceeded to bounce his way home, ricocheting down the street under the influence of a shitload of coffee and sugar. Wow, was Yuushi gonna have a field day with him. Wheeee!
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