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RP Log: Akutsu & Taichi

Characters: Akutsu Jin and Dan Taichi
When: Present time
Rating: G (what the freck?! No smut?! O.o)
Summary: A phone call doesn't turn out the way Taichi wants it to...

Dan Taichi fidgeted a bit, this rending him a strange look from his mother, before he grabbed the wireless phone and disappeared into his room with it, dialing a number he now knew by heart. He could feel his heart flutter and he felt absolutely giddy. "Come on desu... Pick up, pick up, pick up!"

Akutsu heard his phone ringing, and he picked it up from his nightstand and flopped back on his bed. He didn't understand the strange tightening in his chest that he felt when he saw Taichi's name displayed on his caller id, but he ignored it and flipped open the phone. "Yo."

"Akutsu-senpai desu!! Moshi moshi desu! I've missed you desu! Is everything all right desu? What are you doing desu? I got my test back today desu and I'm doing better desu! You know, I was afraid I was going to fail class, but I'm not desu! Isn't it great desu?"

Akutsu blinked at the rapid-fire questions, barely able to sort out one from another. "Yeah, great," he answered shortly.

Taichi paused and smiled. Akutsu sounded like his old self, and that was great. "So... Oh, right! I should drop the "sempai", shouldn't I desu? Sooooo... How've you been desu?"

"I'm fine," Akutsu replied, stretching on the bed. "Did you want something?" Whoa, that was a little sharp... oh well.

The tone had Taichi stunned for a second, then he shrugged it off, thinking that was the way Akutsu usually acted, and he didn't want it any other way. "Not really. I just wanted to say hi desu. I missed hearing your voice today desu." He giggled. "Did you miss me desu?"

"Hn." What was it about Dan's words that were making Akutsu so... nervous? He should enjoy talking to his younger boyfriend. "Guess so."

"You did? I'm so glad desu!" He paused, nibbling on a coconut flavored pocky. "So... what are you doing, Akutsu? Want me to come over? We could rent a movie or something desu, or go to a karaoke bar or something desu!"

"I dunno, I don't feel like doing any of that shit," Akutsu grumbled. He wouldn't mind Dan coming over for a quick fuck, but... was that all they were? Shit, he didn't know. The younger boy really... loved him, and for some reason, that scared the hell out of Akutsu. He was going to end up hurting him somehow.

"Oh..." Taichi sighed, trying his best to ignore the quick flash of pain that jolted through him. Akutsu was a difficult person to deal with after all. "So... Do you have any ideas what we could do desu?"

"Nah," Akutsu replied, rolling over in the bed. "Maybe we don't need to hang out today, yeah?"

"Oh..." Again, a quick flash of pain, mixed with disappointment. Well, there would be other days. "Okay..." A giggle. "Then I might actually get some more school work done desu! Mom will be overjoyed desu! So... See you later? Chu!" And he hung up, staring at the phone. Maybe he was a bit too enthusiastic? He should give Akutsu some time to calm down, to get used to things. Yeah, that would be a good idea. There would be other days.

Akutsu flipped his phone closed and tossed it on the nightstand again. Flopping back on the bed, he crossed his arms behind his head and stared up at the ceiling. What the hell was wrong with him, brushing Dan off like that? Oh well, it was probably for the best. The kid didn't need to be hanging around him so much anyway. Less chance to get hurt. So... why did it feel like he'd just done something terrible? Deciding not to worry about it, Akutsu rolled over and flipped on his stereo, determined to drown out his thoughts in the music.
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