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RP log: Mukahi, Kikumaru

Characters: Mukahi Gakuto and Kimkumaru Eiji
Date: week or so ago
Rating: PG-13...R...
Summary: Gakuto and Eiji hang out...and stuff

All day, Gakuto fought to contain his excitement. He was finally going to get to see Eiji again. Yeah, they had just talked on the phone the other day, but it seemed like forever that they had actually been together. He hoped he would be able to keep himself from jumping his boyfriend the moment he saw him. Eiji might not mind his friends and teammates knowing about them, but he doubted the other boy wanted the entire school to know.

His last period was study hall, so once the teacher was gone, Gakuto ducked out. He knew he was going to catch hell tomorrow from Atobe for skipping practice, but he didn't care. He got to Seigaku just as school was ending, so he positioned himself by the front gates to wait. Students filtered out, and many of the girls made eyes at him, but he ignored everyone until he saw a familiar red-head walking with some friends. Suddenly nervous, Gakuto took a few steps forward and called out to catch Eiji's attention.

Eiji's mind had been preoccupied with the events of the last days, him spilling his insides to Akutsu, the later forcing him to tell Inui, and the emotional turmoil that followed. He knew he had to tell Oishi himself, he had promised Inui to do so, but what about Gakuto? Since they were dating and everything, the plum colored boy really deserved to know. But how to tell him? How to start...?

Eiji barely heard what his friends were saying, most of it was idle chatter anyway, much of it still consisting of them telling him how good it was that he was back. He wasn't so sure about that, but he tried to play along. He was so caught up in his little charade that he didn't notice Gakuto at first, but when he did, his face lit up and his heart began to pound a lot faster. He grinned and waved enthusiastically. "Hoi hoi, Gakuto!!" He excused himself and ran up to his boyfriend, cheeks slightly flushed.

Gakuto was having a hard time not smiling like an idiot as Eiji came running towards him. The taller boy was grinning and looked so cute he just wanted to pounce on him. Instead he settled for a quick hug and a smirk. "Hey babe, ready to go?"

Eiji nodded, looked around quickly, then placed a soft kiss on Gakuto's forehead. "Sure am. I'm not allowed to practice yet anyway. You're ditching, right? Where do you want to go? I kind of... kind of need to talk to you about something."

"Okay. Want to get something to eat? It's a nice day. We could grab something, then go eat it in the park. There are plenty of secluded spots where we can talk." Originally Gakuto had thought this plan up so they could make out for awhile, but something in Eiji's tone made him think talking would be more important. At least, from the enthusiastic greeting, he was pretty sure Eiji wasn't going to dump him.

Licking his lips nervously, Eiji tilted his head to the side, as he at the same time latched onto Gakuto's arm and began to walk away from school. "Can we talk first you think? Or are you really, really hungry?"

No, we can talk first. Whatever you want." He leaned against Eiji's side, trying to be reassuring. "Is there somewhere you want to go? "

Thinking for a moment, Eiji nodded slowly. "The park sounds like a good idea. The weather is great nya..."

"Yeah it is. It's kind of nice just to be able to be outside and not playing tennis for once."

"Yeah! I mean, tennis is great and all, but now when I'm not allowed to play, I have time for other stuff nya. Like being with you, and that's great, even though it isn't great that you have to ditch practice to be with me... Won't Atobe like kill you or something nyaaaa?"

"He can't kill me: he needs me for doubles." Not that there wasn't plenty else his captain could do. Tomorrow's practice was not going to be fun. "Besides, seeing you is worth a few extra laps."

Giggling, Eiji made his way towards the subway that was the closest to his favorite park, only four stops away actually. "Well, of course it is. This is me we're talking about after all!"

Gakuto laughed. "That sounded exactly like something Atobe would say."

"Be awed by my mimicking skills nya!" The red head laughed, sliding his card through the checkpoint.

Gakuto was laughing so hard, he had to hang onto Eiji just to stay upright. He barely managed to slide his card, ignoring the weird looks others were giving him. "You know," he gasped, "next time Atobe says anything, I'm going to add a 'nya' to the end, then he'll make me run laps for laughing at him."

Laughing almost as hard as Gakuto, it was a work of pure wonder that the two of them managed to make it to a proper subway cart. "He would so be on your case for the rest of your life", Eiji managed between giggle fits.

"Be awed of my prowess nya!" Gakuto declared in a deep voice. It would have been a more affective imitation had he not been giggling. "You know, sometimes I envy you guys at Seigaku: you're captain is quiet."

After finally calming down - when they had passes one stop already, Eiji managed: "Well, really, he's too quiet. He's a great friend though, and it's good that I got to stay with him during all this. That's part of something I have to talk to you about, nya..."

"I'm glad that Tezuka's been there for you." It suddenly dawned on Gakuto that he didn't actually know why Eiji had been in the hospital or why he was staying with Tezuka now. He knew something was going on...and he had a few suspicions...but didn't know exactly what was going on. And it was all making him feel like he had failed Eiji, somehow. "Your team is really close, isn't it?

Nodding slowly, Eiji leaned back against the seat of the car. "Well, I'd like to think so. I haven't talked with Fuji in ages, and not Kawamura either, but when we see each other, we enjoy each other's company a lot, and we try to stick up for each other. Yeah..."

"That's good," he said, stretching.." I think it's good for a team to be friends. Or at least get along. It makes it easier to win if there is some sense of comradely."

The red head shot his boyfriend a quick smile, then closed his eyes, his hand gripping Gakuto's tightly. He was afraid, there were no denying that, afraid what his hot blooded boyfriend's reaction would be once he had told him everything, afraid that he wouldn't be able to pull through with telling him.

Gakuto frowned at the way Eiji was acting. He had a feeling he was not going to like whatever it was that the taller boy was going to say, but squeezed Eiji's hand back. "Come on, this is our stop."

Opening his eyes, the taller redhead got to his feet, still holding his boyfriend's hand. They left the subway station and walked towards the park that could be sighted behind a few apartment buildings. The air smelled of leaves, flowers, smoke and fast food. There were people everywhere, an endless mass of bodies that flowed back and forth like a thick river that tried to push it's way through the street. Eiji could feel a slight panic coming on and he held tight onto Gakuto.

"Have you been here before nya?"

Eiji was clinging to him, his nervousness obvious in his posture. Whether it was because of the crowds or the upcoming conversation, Gakuto had no idea. He rubbed his thumb against the hand Eiji had entwined with his, trying to soothe him somewhat. "My sister brought me here a couple of times when I was a child. It's been a long time though."

They were now really close to the entrance of the park, and Eiji turned quickly to Gakuto, flashing a grin despite himself. "When you were a kid? You sure it's been that long ago, nya?"

Gakuto mock-glared up at Eiji. "Look who's talking" he shot back, sticking out his tongue.

Eiji responded in a way any responsible adult would have - he stuck his tongue out right back. "Akanbeeee", he chirped. They entered the park and Eiji began searching for a secluded spot where they could talk. His panic was slowly builing, and he really wanted this over with.

The park was less crowed then Gakuto would have expected, considering what a nice day it was. It was pretty, like he remembered, and he wondered why his sister had stopped coming. Pushing the thought away for another time, he scanned the park for somewhere they could talk, noticing Eiji was doing the same thing. "How about over there?" he pointed. It was a little area mostly surrounded by bushes and trees. Small and out of the way, it was unlikely that someone would stumble over them there.

Eiji nodded and started towards the spot. He let go of Gakuto's hand and sat down slowly, wetting his lips. Where to start...?

Gakuto sat down across from his boyfriend, and gave him what he hoped was a reassuring smile. "So, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"I... I don't know where to start", Eiji mumbled, his voice weak. "But... You know, I told you that I had done it before, right? Well... that's sort of the reason I ended up at the hospital... I don't know, I wouldn't have said anything to you, because I really don't wanna talk about it, but Inui said I should tell people, you know...about stuff..." He trailed off, eyes fixed on the grass by his feet.

Hey," Gakuto said softly. "It's okay." He reached over and raised Eiji's chin so he could look him in the eye. "Whatever you want to say, whatever you feel comfortable sharing, I'll listen."

"Thanks..." Eiji blinked, then reached over with his hand to play restlessly with Gakuto's fingers. "I just don't want you to think I've been leading you on, or that I'm disgusting or something..." He paused before continuing: "Gakuto... First time I... I did it... Well, I... I was eleven." Okay, that was a first step at least.

El...eleven!? As he processed that thought, shock quickly gave way to anger. Eleven was too young. There was no way that could have been voluntary. Which meant someone had hurt Eiji. His Eiji. Gakuto was not happy. Not trusting himself to speak, he nodded at Eiji to continue.

"At first, I thought it wasn't such a big deal, I mean, it was either that or a spanking when I've been bad, but it hurt more than the spanking, really, and it was so scary, so I didn't like it at all", Eiji continued, extremely unsure how much he should be saying.

"...that or a spanking..." Did that mean.... Gakuto's eyes narrowed, and he waited from Eiji to go on.

"He's still doing it. Our neighbor too, and when I have to... you know, blow them? It tastes so disgusting, and sometimes it makes me just want to throw up when I think about having something stuck into my mouth, you know? That's why I ended up in the hospital, nya. Severe eating disorders. They're better now, but I'm not exactly well yet... That's why I'm living with Tezuka, so that he and Inui can keep and eye on me, and I get to be away from home."

He would remain calm. He would not freak out. He would not run off and kill Eiji's father and neighbor. "Tezuka's is good," he managed to grind out. "You should stay there. Forever." Okay, not eloquent, but Gakuto was afraid if he tried to speak too much he would end up ranting, which Eiji probably didn't need.

Eiji brought his hands to his face and started to rub his face, his cold hands feeling great against his flushed face. "I can't stay forever, silly. If I did, wouldn't you be like super jealous? At least I hope you would..." Well, joking aside... "But hey... you don't think I'm weak or something, right? I mean, I did kept quiet for four years..."

"Of course I don't think you're weak!" he practically shouted, his control finally snapping. "Those bastards! They're the ones you're suppose to be able to tell when shit like that happens. There're not suppose to the one's doing it! I'll kill them. You are never going back! Never!" He paused for breath. "And when you are sick of Tezuka's you can come live with me!"

He knew it was stupid, but he shrunk back, blinking uncertainly. "Are you mad? Sorry... I mean... Oh, fuck! Thanks, man. I... I'm not making sense, am I? I just don't know what to say, you know? Everything feels so strange..."

"Of course I'm mad!" he blurted out without thinking. "But not at you!" he added quickly. "I shouldn't have yelled. I was just...I wasn't expecting...I could those bastards do that? To you? I'll kill them!" Oh yeah, Gakuto was doing a great job of being calm and comforting.

Eiji pulled up a straw of grass and began chewing on it's end, pulling a hand through his hair. "I don't know really. They thought I was cute? Perhaps?"

"That is not a good reason. My parents think I'm cute and they never....I'll kill them." Gakuto took a deep breath and tried to make himself calm down.

"You sure you're not mad at me", the taller redhead mumbled as he removed the grass straw. "I mean, I wasn't going to tell you about this at all, and you're supposed to be my boyfriend and all. Akutsu had to blackmail me into telling, that's not really nice of me, right? If I were you, I'd be furious. Or something."

"I'm positive I'm not mad. At least, not at you. Really. It's not your fault." Akutsu? That scary guy from Yamabuki? He was not even going to ask. "And I can see why you'd be hesitant to say something. I'm glad you did tell me though." Was he sounding reassuring? Probably not. At least he wasn't shouting anymore. That had to count for something.

If they continued with this conversation, Eiji was afraid he might repeat himself and sound like the broken version of the Woe is Me-record, and he didn't want that. But still... "So... Is there anything you want to know, anything I should tell you, or do you feel up for a burger or something now nya?"

Gakuto leaned forward and kissed Eiji on the forehead. "I want to hear only what you feel comfortable telling me. It's totally up to you." He stood up. "A burger sounds good, don't you think? My treat." He held out his hand to help the other boy up.

He wanted to tell Gakuto a lot, at the same time he didn't want to tell him anything. He felt that he needed to get a lot of things of his chest, on the other hand, he didn't want to talk about anything, nor did he want to bother Gakuto with it. Complicated, really. If he were to think about this a lot more, his head might start hurting, severely. And then he wouldn't be a good company for Gakuto, that much was certain. And he was hungry. "Your treat? Sounds great to me", he smiled, giving his boyfriend a quick hug. "So, do you have any place you wanna go too? Any favorite?"

"How about the place near the book store? It's got pretty good food." Plus it had a really comfortable atmosphere, which Gakuto thought Eiji might need. "Come on," he said grabbing Eiji's hand and leading him out of the park. "I'm starving."

Eiji followed along, not really sure what to say next and he decided it would be better for Gakuto to take the lead for now. He felt a bit strange, he couldn't really make himself understand that people didn't seem to blame him for everything that had happened. He was still more or less convinced that it had to be his fault somehow, and he was dirty, wasn't he? So why didn't people blame him? Not sure he should push that subject further than necessary though, he kept his peace. As they came close to the diner, the smell of food made his stomach growl loudly, and he blushed. Now, wasn't that just stupid?

Gakuto smirked when he heard Eiji's stomach growl. The other boy had been unusually quiet on their walk to the restaurant, and he had been a little worried. Eiji was probably just worried about all the stuff he had just told him. Gakuto supposed he'd be the same way if their positions were reversed. They claimed a small booth in the corner, and Gakuto handed Eiji a menu. "They've got really good burgers here. The milkshakes are pretty good too."

Smiling as Gakuto handed him the menu, Eiji quickly skimmed over it only to find: "They don't have pineapple milkshakes nyaaa..." He looked the burgers over and decided upon a small double burger with cheese, a side salad and an orange milkshake. "You come here often, nya?"

Did they even make pineapple milkshakes? Gakuto shook his head slightly as he looked over his own menu. "Use to come here more, before I was a regular. I don't have as much time now."

"It takes time away, doesn't it?" Eiji fidgeted around with the menu before he continued: "I've bought pineapple toothpaste! How cool is that, huh?"

"I don't know, I prefer mint toothpaste myself," Gakuto teased, trying to get Eiji to relax. "Those fruit flavored ones are weird."

"They're not, nya", Eiji objected, blowing Gakuto a raspberry. "I like all sorts of toothpaste, and fruit flavored ones are fun nya! They tickle your tongue more than the mint ones nya. The mint ones only feel fresh and cool and stuff, they're not really fun."

"But that's the best part about the mint ones!" Gakuto protested. "The fruit ones always leave this weird aftertaste."

"You're weird nya." Eiji grinned, then perked up as a pretty waitress came with their orders. As he started on his salad, he blinked at his boyfriend: "Don't you have any weird quirks that I can know about nya?"

That caught Gakuto off-guard. He knew there had to be something, he just couldn't think of it at the moment. Being a brat on purpose wasn't really a quirk, neither was anything else....well, there was that. It was pretty odd for a boy. Blushing, he mumbled "I collect stuffed animals."

Eiji blinked at that, nearly choking on his salad. Now that was cute. Far too cute! "Really, you do? How many do you have? Do you prefer teddies or ufo catcher dolls or what?"

"I have a lot; ufo catchers mostly," Gakuto replied, still blushing. "I also have a bunch of random animals that my cousin who lived in America would send me."

"That's so cute", Eiji squealed. "I have got to see them sometime! I must! You know, I have only one... But he's huge!! His name is Daigoro and he's a teddy bear I got when I was five, and he's just really, really adorable nya!"

"Only one? Even if he is big, that's horrible!" Right, he was so definitely getting his boyfriend the cutest stuffed thing he could find next time he had time to go shopping. "You can see mine whenever you come over. They're kinda hard to miss."

"Yay", the redhead chimed, standing up and bouncing around happily. "Lets go soon, ne, ne??"
Gakuto smiled as Eiji bounced around. "Let's finish eating, then we can head back to my place. If you want to"

Eiji nodded and sat down, digging into his burger, oblivious to the people laughing, chattering and pointing around him. His mind was filled up with one thought: He was going to get to see Gakuto's home! "I bet you live in a really pretty house nya..."

"I guess...." Honestly, Gakuto never really thought much about it. His parent's had a fair bit of money, so he probably did live in a nice house. "I like it," he added with a shrug, "and I've got my own bedroom which is nice."

"I don't", Eiji said as he finished his burger. "I share room with my brother, but he's all but moved away from home, so I get the room to myself most of the time... When I lived home that is..." He frowned a little, taking a sip on his shake. "Hey, this is really good!"

"Told ya so," he smirked, taking a sip of his own strawberry shake. "Man, I don't even want to imagine sharing a room with my little brother. He can be such a brat."

"Really? Wanna tell me about him?" Eiji grinned. "I have no little brother, since I'm the youngest myself, so... You know, it's insane, really. There's my grandparents, my parents, my two sisters, my two brothers, our dog and our parakeet in one house!"

"Well..." Gakuto thought how best to describe his brother while he took a bite of his burger. "He always thinks he's right, and he's always taking stuff of mine without asking. Mouths off a lot. But he can be fun to hang out with sometimes, and he's a good ally when sis is acting insane.”

"I bet my brothers and sisters say the same about me", Eiji grinned, finishing his shake. "The taking stuff without asking thing anyway."

"Probably all younger siblings do that," Gakuto agreed.

"Yeah. It's a younger sibling thing, I suppose", the taller redhead smiled, then got to his feet. "You done? I think I'll just go and use the bathroom, then I'll be back, okay?"

There was something nagging him about that, but Gakuto shrugged it off. Going to the bathroom was a normal enough thing. "Yeah, that's fine. I'll go ahead and pay."

"Thanks!" Eiji walked over to the bathrooms and entered. He knew he shouldn't, but the shake - good as it had been - left a funny aftertaste, and the texture of it was down right nauseating. He kneeled in front of a toilet and promptly put his fingers in his throat.

A couple of minutes later he exited the bathroom, having cleaned himself up and gulped down a few mouthful's of water. He spotted Gakuto and waved. "Have you paid yet?"

Gakuto studied Eiji, trying to see signs of...something. The other red head looked like his normal self. Still...there was something he couldn't quite put his finger on. He wanted to say something, but he didn't know to what he would even say. So he decided to let it drop. For today at least. Maybe, at some point, he should talk with Tezuka and Inui. But for now, he would just have fun with his boyfriend. "Yeah, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm fine", Eiji nodded, latching onto Gakuto's arm. "So", he said a little while later, "how far his it to your place?"

"Not that far," Gakuto replied. "It's near the school. I guess we could have taken the bus, but it seemed like a nice day to walk."

"I like walking", Eiji smiled, stealing a quick kiss. "Especially when it's with someone I like nya. Like Oishi or Ochibi or Fuji or Taka-san or Momo-chi or Kaidou or... you know... people nya." His eyes sparkled teasingly, indicating that he had left Gakuto's name out on purpose

Gakuto raised an eyebrow, and smirked. Freeing his arm from Eiji, he stepped away. "Well, ff you don't like me, you probably don't want to come over to my house then. Guess I'll catch you later." He started to walk off.

His eyes were still sparkling but he tried to force the stupid grin away from his face and replace it with a pout. He actually succeeded. "Awww... you mean it? That's mean nya!"

He was not going to give into the pout. He would be strong. "Hey, I'm a nice guy. I'd hate to force you to come along if you didn't want to," Gakuto managed to keep the laughter out of his voice, but just barely.

"You're not being nice, you're being super mean", Eiji whined, his grin flashing for a second before he managed to replace it with the pout again. He crouched down, drawing circles on the ground with his finger. "You don't like me nya..."

Dammit! A person should not be able to look so cute! "You were the one who said you didn't like me first," Gakuto pointed out. "I'm just going along with what you said."

"Buu~uut", the other redhead whined, then made a quick leap from his crouching position, ending up next to Gakuto, so that he could latch onto his boyfriend's arm again. "So you do love me?"

"Ma~ybe," Gakuto admitted, leaning into Eiji. "When you're not being mean." He stuck out his tongue.

"Really? I love you too!" Okay, he was feeling far too giddy for their own good, really. He was not just about to kiss Gakuto in public. Oh, he was. He did. Oh well... "But being mean is fun nyaa..."

Laughing, Gakuto started walking again, pulling Eiji along. "Come on, let's get to my place before we give any more people heart attacks." He flashed a cocky smirk to a couple women starting at them, shocked to see two boys kissing in public.

Eiji laughed as well, and gave the women a wide grin. "First time's always for free", he said to them, then hurried away, dragging Gakuto with him.

By the time they reached home, Gakuto had stopped laughing enough to introduce Eiji to his mother. She had predictably cooed over how cute his friend was, before he was able to drag Eiji to his room. He figured the tour could wait for later. Flopping onto his bed, he looked up at Eiji. "So, what do you think?"

Eiji was still a bit dazed from the meeting with Gakuto's mom, but he guessed he ought to be used to excited older females by now, since his own mother wasn't that different. He looked around Gakuto's room, then walked over to the window to look out. "It's... huge", he replied at a loss for other words.

Gakuto looked around. It didn't seem that big to him, especially if you compared it to some of his friends' from school. "I guess it is pretty big, especially if you are use to sharing." He shrugged, somewhat uncomfortable.

Eiji turned his back against the window and looked curiously at Gakuto. "Yeah... Hey, you okay nya? It's nice here, and it smells of you and that's great nya!"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he said, running his hand through his hair. "Glad you like," he added with a smile. "Now, why are you standing all the way over there?"

"Because you haven't asked me to sit down yet nya. Mom always told me that if I'm visiting someone for the first time, I have to be polite nya." Obvious, wasn't it?

Gakuto rolled his eyes. "Come sit down." He patted the bed next to him.

"Okay", Eiji grinned, feeling a little bit stupid, and sat down next to Gakuto, leaning against him.

Gakuto wrapped an arm around his boyfriend. "So, what do you want to do now that we're here?"

Feeling shy, awkward and giddy at the same time, Eiji couldn't help but giggle. "I don't know nya... Make out?"

"Hmm...." Gakuto paused, like he was pretending to think about it. "I suppose we could do that."

Suppose, huh? Now that wasn't pretty nice. "Now you're being mean, nyaa..." Eiji complained, giggling. He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Gakuto's nose.

"Yeah, I am." He fell onto his back and pulled Eiji down with him. "You gonna punish me for that?" he asked with a smirk.

Eiji blinked, then smirked slightly, leaning down to nibble on Gakuto's neck: "That depends... Maybe I will nya..."

Gakuto's breath hitched, and he wrapped his arms around Eiji's back. "That'd be good," he replied, his voice husky.

"But if you want me to, it won't be much of a punishment, will it?" He gave Gakuto's earlobe a quick lick.

"Does it matter?" He turned his head and lightly brushed his lips against Eiji's.

"Maybe not", the other boy chuckled softly, leaning into the kiss.

Making out was so much better in a bed. It allowed him to press his body against the taller boys. To really feel Eiji's warmth. To shove him over the side when his sister pokes her head in without knocking. "Nee-san!"

"Oops, sorry," his sister giggled. "Mom wanted me to tell you that dinner's ready, if you and your "friend" want to come down."

"Alright, you told me. Now get out!" He threw a pillow at her for emphasis, but she shut the door before it could hit her. Grumbling under his breath, he looked down at Eiji. "Sorry about that....."

Trying his best to be invisible as the girl made her entrance, Eiji pulled a pillow to him and put it over his head, not even removing it when she disappeared, his cheeks too flushed to bring himself to look at Gakuto at the moment. "Oh, oh, it's... it's all right", he stuttered from underneath the pillow. "Does.. does she usually just do that nyaaa?"

"Yeah, she doesn't believe much in personal space." At least, not in personal space that wasn't her own. "Sorry, I should have locked to door."

"No, it's all right", Eiji assured, peeking up from underneath the pillow, his hair tussled. "So...dinner, nya?"

Gakuto laughed, and gave him a hand up. "Sure, if you're okay with facing my family. If not, I can probably talk mom into letting us eat up here."

Meet the family? Eiji blinked, but soon curiosity won over nervousness and he nodded eagerly. "Eiji wanna meet Gakuto's family nyaaa!"

Alright, come on then." Gakuto lead Eiji downstairs to the kitchen where the rest of his family was waiting. He introduced Eiji to his dad and younger brother, then they all sat down to eat.

"So," his dad said to Eiji, "you two met at that boarding school right? Where do you go normally?"

"Ah... Uhm..." Eiji blushed and looked down on his plate. "Well, it's nothing fancy like Hyoutei, but... Seiga... I mean, Seishun Gakuen. Yeah..."

"Seishun is a good school," his mother said, "we thought about sending the kids there, but Hyotei is closer."

"And has cuter guys," his sister Ayumi added.

His father frowned. "That was not a consideration when we chose schools."

"I should hope not," his Hiro muttered around a mouthful of food.

"Hiro!" his mother said sharply.

"Well, Gakuto's friend agrees with me," Ayumi smirked, "right, Eiji-kun?"

Eiji turned almost as red as his hair and looked down on his food, unable to take even a slightest bite. "Ah... I..."

"What a wimp", Hiro commented. "He's all red!"

"Shut up Hiro," Gakuto growled, kicking his brother under the table.

"Hey! Nee-san was the made the comment. Kick her!"

Gakuto took Hiro's advice.

"Ouch! Dammit Gakuto! You have pointy toes."

"Children! At least pretend to get along in front of company," his mother snapped.

"Yes Mom," they all muttered. Gakuto glanced over at his boyfriend, who was blushing red enough to match his hair and wasn't eating a thing. Maybe he should have warned him about his family. Oh well, it was too late now. He'd make it up to Eiji later.

His father, seeming to sense Eiji's discomfort, made another attempt at starting conversation. "You play tennis, don't you Eiji-kun?"

Grateful for the change of subject, Eiji nodded brightly. "Yeah, I do! I'm an acrobatic, just as Gakuto nya! But He's better, but I'm faster, and last time we played I beat him nya."

Gakuto could see his brother opening his mouth to make some smartass comment, so he spoke before Hiro got the chance. "Yeah you did, but I'll win next time.

"No way, nyaa! Eiji's better because he can move so quick it looks like he's two people nya!" He playfully aimed a light punch towards Gakuto's face, but somehow it lessened even more, and was more like a caress done with a fist than anything else.

Gakuto leaned into Eiji's hand, forgetting he was sitting with his family. The snickering a second later from his siblings reminded him abruptly.
"Is tennis the only thing Eiji moves quick at?" his brother and sister asked together.

Gakuto glared. "Hiro...Ayumi..." his mother started warningly.

"Come on mom, they're making it so easy," Hiro whined.

"Still, you will be polite to company."

"Does a boyfriend count as company?" Ayumi asked, smiling sweetly at him and Eiji.

Gakuto gave up and let his head hit the table. Pain was good, and that way he didn't have to see the expressions on his parents' and Eiji's faces.

Eiji's face turned a deeper shade of red and he blinked owlishly at Ayumi. She on the other hand smiled and brought her glass up to a toast. "I think it's sweet, really."

"Besides", Hiro broke in, "Gakuto's too femme, he couldn't ever date a girl. She'd had to be lesbo or something."

"Quiet", Gakuto's father suddenly roared, and Eiji couldn't help but jump in surprise and fright, blurting: "Sorry!!"

"Gakuto, why don't you and Eiji-kun go back upstairs if you are done. Hiro and Ayumi can handle clean up." His father's glare silenced any protests his siblings might have made.

His mother smiled. "I'll bring you boys some dessert later."

Gakuto nodded and practically dragged Eiji away from the table, pausing only to smack Hiro on the back of the head. "I am NOT femme!"

"Gakuto...." his father started.

"We're going, we're going."

As they left, Eiji could see Hiro blow Gakuto a raspberry only to be silenced by his father who shot him another glare of doom, before giving Eiji and apologetic grin. Eiji tentatively smiled back before Gakuto managed to drag him upstairs. "Wow", he said as they approached the room, "they're really cocky, aren't they? Your brother and sister. Do they usually tease you like this?"

Gakuto wasn't taking any chances this time. He locked his bedroom door behind them. "Yeah, though," he added with a smirk, "I give as good as I get."

Laughing, Eiji sat down on the bed, stretching himself. "I'm sure. We're like that in my family too, but I think we were better behaved when we were as young as your brother, nya... Maybe. Or I'm just imagining things..."

"Nah, you probably were. Hiro's a brat." Gakuto fell onto the bed, letting his head rest in Eiji's lap. "I am sorry about that though. I should have warned you about them".

Eiji made himself comfortable and started to play absentmindedly with Gakuto's hair. It still felt so wonderfully soft to the touch... "It's all right. I've just been living in a really quiet household for some time now, so I guess I'm out of practice. The Tezukas don't really talk that much."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Gakuto muttered softly to himself. "They'll back off eventually. Faster if they see they're not managing to upset you." he said loud enough for Eiji to hear. "Though, it is cute to see you blush like that."

"I'd rather you make me blush than them", Eiji answered playfully, blowing softly on Gakuto's face. "You're cuter than they are."

"Well that works for me too," Gakuto smirked, reaching up to twirl a lock of Eiji's hair around his finger,

Eiji chuckled deep in his throat and leaned in for a soft kiss. "You're not gonna make me blush by making me the aggressive one you know, nyaaa..."

"Maybe not, but I like it when you are aggressive." He pushed himself up some so he could reach Eiji's mouth easier.

"You do, do you?" Eiji smiled and pulled Gakuto into a more passionate kiss, teeth nibbling lightly into soft lips and hands traveling all over Gakuto's backside.

Gakuto responded by pressing himself up against Eiji, his hands wandering up and down his back. He shifted to the side, so he could pull his boyfriend fully down on top of him.

Eiji followed in a smooth movement, lips never leaving Gakuto's. He slid a hand underneath Gakuto's shirt and rubbed his thumb across the smaller boy's left nipple, then carefully pulled the shirt up with his other hand, exposing Gakuto's trim, slender belly.

Gakuto arched into Eiji's touch, running his nails down his back in response. He broke the kiss, squirming his way out of his shirt. He tugged then at Eiji's shirt, since he couldn't pull it off from the position he was in

Sitting up quickly, Eiji impatiently unbuttoned his shirt and more or less tore it off. The cool air made the hair on his arm stand out but he didn't care. He leaned down again and caught Gakuto's lips with his, tongue sneaking playfully across Gakuto's upper lip.

Gakuto brushed Eiji's tongue with his own, as he pulled Eiji down so their bare chests were pressed together. The sudden contact made him gasp even as he tried to push closer.

Eiji moaned softly and shifted a little so that he wouldn't - hopefully - crush Gakuto underneath him, then ran a hand over the smaller boy's hot chest, his fingers lightly passing over Gakuto's stiff nipples. "You're... you're just beautiful", he whispered, bewildered.

There was something in the way Eiji's tone of voice that made Gakuto blush. He tried to tell Eiji that he was beautiful too, but found he couldn't say the words. Instead he tucked a few stray strands of hair back from his boyfriends face before kissing him softly.

Eiji kissed him back before reaching out to play with Gakuto's hair as well. "But you know..." he continued, his voice soft but playful. "Our hair colors clash..."

"Our hair color's clash...?" Gakuto raised an eyebrow. Eiji really did come up with some odd stuff. Shifting suddenly, he pushed the taller boy over so that Eiji was on his back and he was straddling him. "I...guess...that...means...we...can'" Gakuto asked, kissing his way down Eiji's neck and chest.

"Uhnyaa", Eiji pouted between the occasional gasp and moan. "Don't say that nyaa... I'll dye my ha... hair. I've ah--always wanted to have some pretty... pretty sci-fi color anyway nya... like the--they do in anime nya..." It felt good, it felt so good. At the same time though, this new position made something really uncomfortable to stir inside of him. So far it wasn't something that could ruin things for them, but he had to pay attention. He really didn't want to ruin anything now, not when they were having such a good time.

Careful not to stray too low, remembering what Eiji had told him earlier, Gakuto traced the outlines of Eiji's muscles with his tongue. "I like your hair color though. It looks hot on you."

"Hot nya?" Eiji grinned, reaching up a finger to tap Gakuto on his nose. "Hot like burning or hot like you like me more than you like... uh... tennis and acrobatics and everything together nya?"

He caught Eiji's finger in his lips, letting his tongue flutter over the tip before he released it. "Hot like I like you more then everything together."

"Really?!" Eiji knew he grinned like a fool, and that wasn't the most sensual mood in the world of course, but he couldn't help himself. He brought his now damp fingertip up on Gakuto's left nipple, rubbing it gently. "Eiji likes Gakuto more than anything too! Besides maybe ice cream."

"I think I can live with that," Gakuto teased, trying to keep his voice steady. He bent down kiss Eiji's shoulder. "So do you want to eat me up like ice cream too?"

Blushing furiously, the taller boy blinked a few times before giving Gakuto one of his more lethal, all though trade mark, hugs. "Yes I do nya! But only with syrup nya."

"Syrup...syrup's good." Gakuto struggled to catch his breath, visions of Eiji covered in chocolate syrup dancing in his head. "But only if I can eat you with syrup too?"

"Of course nya", Eiji chimed, and was about to say something more, when a giggle from outside the door was heard:

"You're gonna eat each other with syrup? How gross is that?! You're so losing it, Gakuto, and I'm gonna tell sis!"

"Damnit Hiro!" He was going to kill his brother. Springing off Eiji, Gakuto stalked to the door, pausing briefly to slip his shirt back on.

His younger brother had jumped away from the door and was trying to make a break for it. Gakuto pounced, and they both went tumbling to the floor.

"What the hell is all this noise?" Ayumi snapped, coming out of her own room. She stared at her brothers. "Gakuto, your shirt is on inside out."

Hiro started giggling again. "Shut up," Gakuto growled.

Eiji followed quickly, worried and more than a little embarrassed about the entire situation. He too paused to pull his shirt on, but his confusion made him forget to button it up. He peeked out from Gakuto's room, and Ayumi spotted him, her grin widening.

"You're moving fast, aren't you, Gakuto? Wow, what a stud, huh? Are you gonna spend some more time on the floor making a total fool of yourself in front of your friend here, or are you gonna at least try and behave like a man?"

"That's right", Hiro shouted. "Get the hell of me you freak!"

Eiji stood there, gaping like a fool. He really was at a loss for words. This was Gakuto's family and he didn't want to interrupt, then on the other hand, it concerned both him and Gakuto, right? He tried to think of something to say but his mind came up a total blank.

"It's your fault for ease-dropping brat." But Gakuto stood up anyway. He shot his still-smirking sister a glare and was about to say something when his mother came upstairs.

She looked around at all of them - Ayumi smirking, Hiro giggling on the floor, and he and Eiji standing in the doorway with their shirts barely on - and decided to let it be. "Gakuto, it's getting late and it's a school night. I'm sure Eiji-kun's parents must be worried. Why don't you walk him to the train station."

"Sure mom." She gave them all another look over, and went back downstairs.

Eiji pouted and hurried back inside Gakuto's room, ignoring the remark from Hiro: "You gonna catch some ice cream on the way down to the station?"

This wasn't how the evening was supposed to end, the young acrobat fumed as he pulled his clothes back on. Stupid brat... Well, he most certainly had his good points, he had to have, he was Gakuto's brother after all, but right now he wanted to strangle him. And maybe Ayumi too. While he was still at it.

"Maybe we will," Gakuto shot back at his brother before following Eiji into the bedroom. He yanked off his shirt with more force then was probably necessary, and put it on the right way. "Stupid family," he muttered. "I can't wait for Hiro to start dating. I'm going to make his life hell."

"I'll be with you all the way", Eiji smiled weakly as he finished dressing. "It's enough if you follow me to the train station... You don't have to go with me all the way over to Tezuka's. Uhnyaa... I'm sorry..."

"It's not your fault. And I don't mind taking you to Tezuka's, if you want me too." He lead Eiji downstairs and out the door, calling a quick goodbye to his mom. He didn't want to risk anymore run-ins with his family: they'd embarrassed him enough for one day.

Calling out a shy "good bye and thanks for having me", a fairly subdued Eiji followed Gakuto outside. "No... It's all right", he said slowly, shuddering a bit in the cold air. Fall was approaching fast, wasn't it? Stupid weather... "I think I have to be alone and think for a while. And I might take a nap on the train, so I won't be much company anyway nyaa... I'm beat..."

Gakuto wrapped an arm around Eiji as they walked. "Sorry I kept you out so late. Next time we should plan ahead and you should just spend the night."

Pulling his jacket tight around him, Eiji nodded. "Yeah, that will be great! And I'll bring ice cream nya. Just because."

"Just because?" Gakuto teased, zipping up his own jacket.

"Just because ice cream's good nya. And I wanna eat you, with syrup and everything." Wow, he had managed not to blurt out that he wanted to eat Gakuto's own syrup. That would have been a little too risque, even for him.

Eiji just said that he wanted to eat him with syrup. Gakuto could feel his brain shutting down, and he wanted nothing more then to drag Eiji back to his house and let him. Knowing that wasn't an option, he kept walking to the station. "Next time, definitely."

"You promise nya? I'll bring my favorite syrup and you can bring your favorite nya!" Maybe he was a simple creature, but it really usually didn't take much to cheer Kikumaru Eiji up, and now he felt a lot better than when they had left the Mukahi residence.

"Promise? Of course!" Eiji seemed to be feeling better, and Gakuto felt himself smiling in return. "I'll try to arrange things for a time when Hiro's not there." Less chance of the brat ruining things...again.

"Sounds great", Eiji grinned, shyly reaching out to grab Gakuto's hand and intertwine his fingers with his boyfriend's. "Thanks for today nya... I won't forget it."

"Your welcome." They had reached the station, and Gakuto turned to face Eiji. "I really am sorry about everything with my family. They'll get better, eventually."

"Hey, they aren't so bad, really." Eiji smirked and gave Gakuto a quick kiss on the cheek. "I was probably a lot worse when I was a kid. And Ayumi-san is your sister. They're supposed to be weird. Believe me, I've got two of them..."

"I keep forgetting that," Gakuto replied, laughing at the image of Eiji bugging his older siblings as a kid. He pulled Eiji down for a real kiss, then hugged him tight. "I suppose you should go if you don't want to miss the train."

Truth was, he wanted to miss the train, but that would make Tezuka worry, and that would make him force Eiji to run laps or something in the morning, ignoring the fact that Eiji wasn't even in the tennis club for the time being of course. "I suppose..." Another kiss, then he reluctantly let go of Gakuto. "I'd... I'd better be off then."

"Yeah..." He slowly let his arms fall, not wanting to let Eiji go. With both their schedules, Gakuto wasn't sure when he'd get to see Eiji again. "Remember to take care of yourself. And call me. Whenever you want."

"I will... And hey... Thanks for listening nya..." The speaker began announcing Eiji's train, and he gave Gakuto one final hug before dashing of. "I'll call you", he shouted back as he disappeared into the crowd.

"Anytime!" Gakuto watched the crowd, even after Eiji had disapeared. He walked home slowly, giving himself time to think. When he got there, he quickly brushed off his siblings and locked himself in his room. 'Yeah,' he thought as he collapsed onto his bed, 'I'm in love.'

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