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[RP Log: Taichi, Ohtori]

Characters: Taichi Dan and Ohtori Choutarou
Date: backdated to a few days before the last AkuDan log
Rating: G
Summary: Taichi and Ohtori run into each other and spend the day together.

Things had been rather slow lately, and Ohtori found himself with some free time. He was unable to get a hold of Tezuka for the moment, so he decided to take a walk around the city, since he knew he was spending far too much time cooped up at home when not at school. Ambling down the busy streets, Ohtori made his way through the milling crowds, looking for no place in particular.

It had been quite a long time since Taichi had been out on the town by himself, and he looked at several store windows, clutching a small purse in his hand. There were people everywhere and he was sure he already had two new bruises from bumping into random persons. It was exhausting, really, but he was out on a mission, and he had to complete it. Turning a corner, making it onto a new street, he blinked as he noticed a fairly familiar face in the crowd. Oh... What was his name... Taichi cursed the fact that he didn't bring his notebook today, if he had it, he could have looked the other boy up, but as it was... "Excuse me! Hey!" He was crazy perhaps, but he had to admit being with someone else would make him feel safer.

Blinking, it took a moment for Ohtori to realize he was the one being addressed. He turned to see someone he recognized, though he couldn't put a name with the face, and could only remember the boy was from Yamabuki. "Hello." Head tilted slightly to one side in questioning, Ohtori asked, "Can I help you?" Not like he had anything else to do for the moment, and it was somewhat nince to see someone that he knew amidst the multitude of strangers. Notin that it was probably a bad idea to stop in the middle of everyone, he edged toward the side, keeping himself somewhat in front of Taichi and using his height in hopes that the other people would drift around and not jostle them too much.

"Well", Taichi said, shifting a little, moving up against the wall of one of the buildings on the street, trying to keep his voice loud enough to hear through the constant buzz of the crowd. "I'm sorry if I'm rude or anything desu, but I wanted to ask you if you wanted to walk with me for a little while desu... I'm gonna go shop a gift for Akutsu-senpai desu, but there were more people here than I thought desu, and it's a little scary desu..."

Giving the smaller youth a reassuring smile, Ohtori shook his head slightly. "No need to apologize. I wouldn't mind walking with you, since I don't have any other plans for the moment, and it's nice to see someone from Gakuen again. You're..." Pausing for a moment, Ohtori began racking his brain trying to remember the other's name, since he knew he must have heard or seen it at some point. Hazarding a guess, he said after a moment, "Taichi-kun, right?"

Taichi's eyes grew big. "You remembered my name desu?! Oh wow, that's so great! Now I feel really bad I don't remember yours", he finished with a pout.

With a grin, Ohtori said somewhat sheepishly, "Half-remembered, then took a guess and hoped I was right. It's okay, I don't think we ever really spoke at all. I'm Ohtori."

Jumping up and down, Taichi exclaimed: "Oh, now I remember! The guy from Hyoutei with that really powerful serve! Nice to meet you desu!" He bowed quickly, then extended his hand, looking happily at the taller boy.

"Nice to meet you too." Shaking Taichi's hand with an affable expression, Ohtori glanced down the street in the direction Taichi had appeared from. "So, where in particular would you like to go?"

Looking around, Taichi put his index finger in his mouth and began to chew on the fingernail. "I don't know desu... I don't really know what to get Akutsu-senpai desu... He really needs something that will cheer him up desu..."

"Hmm. Well, is there anything you know he likes that you could get? Food, tennis equipment, books, or something?" Ohtori didn't know much about Akutsu, though he gathered enough to think that the normal vein of comfort items would most likely not apply to him.

"Cigarettes", Taichi mumbled with a small voice. "But I don't know how he gets them, and I can't buy that... He'd might like alcohol too, but that's a no-no, so... He doesn't really care all that much about tennis, and I honestly don't know what he likes to eat, I mean, he could have told me once desu... But I've forgotten." Pouting, the young boy looked around, seeing if he could find anything of use at all.

"Ah. That could be difficult for us to get, yes." Ohtori looked thoughtful for a moment then shrugged. "Well, we could always just wander around and see if anything catches your attention. I'm sure we can find something; besides, it's more the thought that counts and the person it comes from." Going somewhat back toward the crowd, Ohtori waited for the other to join him before actually starting along the sidewalk again, keeping a lookout for shops that might have various items for them to browse through.

Taichi smiled, hand still held tight around his purse as he skipped alongside Ohtori as they slowly made their way down the sidewalk. They passes a store with really pretty women's clothing, and he thought he had to remember that when the time came to buy his mother a birthday gift. But right now he couldn't find anything that would be good to give Akutsu. He turned to Ohtori, curious. "So... uhm... what kind of person are you desu? You seem really nice desu!"

A bookshop and a few restuarants later, Ohtori saw they were getting closer to a department store, which could prove useful, and directed their path somewhat toward that. Blinking at the question, Ohtori gave it some thought before answering, "I guess I am a nice person, since I get that quite often. I just don't see any reason to be rude to people who haven't warranted that. You seem nice too, since you're trying to cheer your sempai up."
gottisrpg: At this Taichi blushed furiously, and he gave Ohtori a quick, sheepish grin. "Well, yeah, but he.., he isn't just my sempai desu... I mean, he's my... I mean..." He couldn't continue, instead he looked away, giggling to himself.

Catching the signs rather easily, Ohtori smiled at Taichi with a slight inclination of his head. "Ah, I see. He's someone who's very special to you then, in more than just that sense?" Stopping before a rather large building with several floors, Ohtori gestured at it. "Want to try in here? They sell a variety of items, so maybe something will give you an idea."

"Yeah", Taichi nodded as a reply to both Ohtori's first comment and his question about the store. "Let's check it out desu!" As they stepped inside, the green haired boy turned to the other once again, asking quietly: "Does Ohtori-san have someone special too?"

"Yes, someone very special." Ohtori's expression softened momentarily as it was always prone to do when he thought of his beloved, subsequently followed by a smile. Heading toward the elevator and the store layout near it, Ohtori suggested, "Mind starting from one of the upper levels and working our way down?"

Nodding, the younger boy reached up and pressed the elevator button. "Is she nice", he asked, looking the layout over. At the top floor they had sports equipment it seemed. Well, you had to start somewhere...

Trying to correct the assumption without being too obvious about it, Ohtori gave affirmation. "I think he is." Stepping aside to let people off the elevator once it arrived, Ohtori got on and pushed the button to keep the door open for Taichi. "Top floor sound good?"

"Yes, we can start there, desu." Taichi stepped into the elevator cab quietly, gnawing his lower lip, lost in thoughts. As the elevator began to escalate, he asked shyly: "What do you do when you're together with him, Ohtori-san?"

Pushing the correct button, Ohtori moved farther back into the elevator since it would be some time before they got off and other people were likely to get on. "The usual stuff, I guess. Talk, go out to eat, just enjoy each other's company, and the like. When we were still at Gakuen we'd do homework together and I'd sometimes play the piano for him."

A few of the other boy's comments made Taichi blink: "He was in Gakuen too? And you play the piano? That's so great desu! I can't play anything at all, and certainly not piano, my fingers are so short... What's his name desu? If you want to tell me that desu..."

"Yes, that's where we started to get to know each other. Piano and violin, actually. Has there ever been any instrument you'd want to learn?" Though he and Tezuka weren't really being blatant about their relationship, there didn't really seem to be any harm in telling the younger boy. "Tezuka-san, from Seigaku. You've probably heard of him." With a musical chime, the elevator stopped at the highest floor as they exited with the rest.

The smell of rubber hit them as they exited, along with a soft wiff of talk. Eyeing the equipment, Taichi made a face. It was all pretty expensive... "Tezuka-san? Oh, Echizen-kun's captain desu! Yes, I know him desu!" He smiled up at Ohtori. "He's really pretty desu!"

Starting down one of the aisles that seemed to have something for most every sport imagineable, Ohtori came to an abrupt halt and blinked at the description of Tezuka as pretty. Unable to repress a quiet, amused, chuckle, Ohtori returned the smile and said with good humor, "I tend to think he's more handsome than pretty." After the momentary surprise, Ohtori continued alongside Taichi. "Is there any sport other than tennis Akutsu-san is interested in?"

"Not really", Taichi muttered. Akutsu really was a difficult person, wasn't he? "He thinks most stuff is boring, really, it's too easy for him, and he lives for challenges... But uh... He hasn't tried mountain climbing yet that I know off..." He stopped in front of a rack with different instructions books that handled all sorts of sports and games. He took a book on mountain climbing and flipped through it. "I think Akutsu-sempai's pretty too, but maybe one should call him handsome instead, but I don't know..."

"Maybe the two of you could try out something new? That way you could spend more time together, might even find something fun." Glancing over what was offered as well, Ohtori continued speaking, "Ah. I think it all amounts to the same thing so I guess the wording shouldn't matter."

"I guess you're right", Taichi mused. "And well... so far, the only thing we've done when we've been dating is getting naked and doing that and then been beat up and Akutsu-senpai got his leg cut, but it's better now desu."

"I, er, see. You got beat up?" Ohtori frowned slightly at that, since even if he didn't know Taichi well that seemed bad. Then again, there seemed to be a lot of trouble going on for everyone these days. "So, how does mountain climbing seem?"

Taichi nodded, downcast. "Yes desu. Well, Akutsu-sempai was in a fight with Kirihara-san from Rikkaidai because he had hurt me, and then Akutsu-sempai got cut and I tried to protect him, and Kirihara-san hit me, but I'm sure he didn't mean to...And I think I'll buy this book." He waved the mountain climbing book underneath Ohtori's nose. "Thanks a lot!"

"You're both doing all right now, at least, correct?" Ohtori smiled at the other's enthusiasm as the book was waved at him. "You're welcome. I'm glad you were able to find something." Since that was in order, the silver-haired teenager started toward the counter so that Taichi could pay. "Is there anything else you need to get?"

"Yeah, I think we're fine. Maybe. We even did that all the way desu!" He beamed proudly, skipping towards the counter. "What? Oh, uh-uh. I'm fine desu. Do you wanna do something now that we're done desu?"

"That's... good then." Ohtori was somewhat nonplussed to be given that information, but just filed it away into an unused compartment of his mind. "I don't really have anything in mind. I just needed a breather from being cooped up at home."

"Oh, okay... Uhm...wamma go and have an icecream or something?" He gave the saleswoman the book and as she scanned it he begun digging in his pouch for some yen bills. He payed and got the book in a nice little bag. He thanked the woman, then turned to face his new found friend expectantly.

"That sounds good to me. I think there's a place nearby here." Returning in the direction of the elevator, Ohtori pushed the button and waited for it to arrive. "I hope you both enjoy the mountain climbing." As an after thought, he added, "I think Tezuka-san likes that." Once the lift had arrived, he got on to go back downstairs and into the crowded street.

The buzz on the street was worse than inside the apartment store and Taichi made a face. Just as they exited, a bus struggled to get through the rushhour traffic and spewed it's diesel all over them. Ah, the joy of being back in Tokyo... "So, uhm... do you go out on dates and stuff with Tezuka-san, Ohtori-san?"

Stifling a cough with his hand, Ohtori started through the mass of people; at least he was able to see where they needed to go over most of them. He headed for the ice cream shop he though should be a couple blocks down, making sure to not lose Taichi in the crowd. "We'll sometimes go out for food or the like, but I don't know if I'd really term them dates... mostly we just want to spend time with each other in any way possible."

Taichi pondered this for a moment. "Uhmm... But you know, Ohtori-san... When you spend time with someone you like super lot and you do stuff that you enjoy with that person, wouldn't you kind of call it a date then? I would. I think..."

"Hmm." Considering that for a moment, Ohtori nodded. "I suppose so, yes. Just that a lot of the time we spend together we don't necessarily go out since it's easier to have alone time if we stay in, if that makes sense." Once they reached the intended destination, Ohtori stopped, and entered, holding the door open for Taichi to do the same.

Taichi grinned his thank yous to Ohtori and walked up to the counter, looking the menu over. He always had such a hard time deciding what to buy at places like this. "What are you having", he asked curiously.

After looking at the flavors available, Ohtori decided after slight deliberation. "I think a cup of the strawberry." He spoke both to Taichi and the man behind the counter looking at them expectantly for the order. "What about you?"

"Strawberry's good desu... But... I'd like a hazelnut, please!" The man behind the counter smiled at them and started with their orders. "You can go have a seat", he said. "I'll come out with it when it's done." At this, Taichi looked around, trying to find an empty spot for the two of them. "Where too desu?"

There were a few people in the shop, but nothing too bad all things considered. Spotting an unoccupied table near a window that looked out to the street, Ohtori nodded in that direction. "That table over there is free."

Taichi, who had been looking in the other direction, spun around and a wide grin spread across his face. "Yes, that's great desu! Come on, let's hurry before someone else takes that place desu!!" He ran over, taking his seat and began to fiddle with the mini sized menu that stood on the table while waiting for Ohtori to sit down.

Not quite expecting the sudden burst of energy, Ohtori followed Taichi more sedately, though tried to keep the other from waiting too long. Sitting opposite, Ohtori asked as they waited for the ice cream, "How long have you and Akutsu-san been together?"

Kicking his legs back and forth underneath the table, Taichi looked up from the menu, his face thoughtful. "Not all that long, really... A month maybe? I don't know. I mean, I cared for him a few months back when he was sick, and I think that maybe we became together back then, but I'm not sure. We did make out then... But... It's hard to tell with Akutsu-sempai, he's not really... a normal person desu." He smiled. "He's gruff and dangerous and all, but he really needs someone who cares about him desu."

"Everyone has different ways of showing affection..." Shortly after Ohtori said this, a waiter approached with their orders, sitting the ice cream in front of each along with spoons. Thanking the waiter and taking the bill for both to pay once they were ready to leave, Ohtori continued, "...and he seems to have found someone good to take care of him in you."

Taichi blushed, picking up his spoon and taking his first bite of the icecream. It tasted great. "This is really good", he smiled. He continued, calmer: "You think? I don't know... I wish I could protect him better, or at least make him feel good. I just don't know what to do sometimes... Do you ever get that feeling desu?"

"I think so. It seems like you're really trying your best, and he probably - or should - recognize that." Ohtori smiled, starting on his own icecream. "If he enjoys spending time with you, that would make him feel good." Looking thoughtful, Ohtori gave the affirmative as he pondered the last question. "Sometimes I do, though often not related to Tezuka-san."

"One of your friends? Or several?" Taichi asked between mouth full's of icecream.

"Primarily one, though I doubt he wants to be friends with me anymore." At that a melancholic tone entered Ohtori's voice, but he tried to pass it over quickly. "It's just hard to want to help someone and not know what to do, or not be able to do anything."

Taichi stopped eating, looking at the other boy worriedly. "You want to talk about it? You don't have to mention any name of course..."

Continuing to eat his icecream, Ohtori shook his head after a moment. "Not really. I'm not feeling as... upset about the whole situation as I did at one point, I'm just at a loss at where to even begin trying to get our friendship back to the way it used to be."

"Oh..." Taichi picked up his spoon again and took another bite of the icecream. "I can't really help when I don't know what happened, but... Do you talk to him?"

"I haven't in a while. It feels like he wouldn't want to talk to me anymore. Or at least not be comfortable with that." Deciding in brief to give a summary, Ohtori said, "Basically what happened was he got injured rather badly and ended up in the hospital. It was my fault since he got upset and ran off after I made him talk about something." That was probably vague, but he was reluctant to go into detail.

"That's totally bad", Taichi mumbled, putting his spoon away for a little while. "But, accidents aren't anybody's fault, right? They just happen... Can't you just tell him you didn't mean for him to be hurt desu?"

"I know, but that didn't keep me from feeling really guilty about it for a while, so it's my fault as well for the lack of talking. He knows that and he said it wasn't my fault, but it was - is - just really hard not to blame myself when he got that badly hurt." Ohtori stirred the contents of his bowl idly. "Then it just gets harder over time to try to make things better."

Taichi nodded slowly. "You know, I can see where you're coming from", he said quietly. "In a way, Akutsu-sempai got cut because of me. He fought with Kirihara-san for my sake. If I hadn't gotten that upset when Kirihara-san tried to drown me, Akutsu-sempai wouldn't have been so furious with him, and then maybe they wouldn't have fought. Akutsu could have bled to death, there were so much blood..." He trailed off, looking out the window at the people passing by. "Life sure is strange..."

"It is... though it seems perfectly understandable that you would be that upset someone tried to drown you. Akutsu-san would probably be angered in any case that someone attempted to harm you." Frowning somewhat in worry, Ohtori regarded Taichi. "At least he's okay now... it's never good to blame oneself in situations like this, but it's always very easy to do, and hard not to. Right now I'm still trying my best to think that things will all work out somehow, one day."

"I'm sure Kirihara-san didn't mean it, he was just upset", Taichi said automatically, then bit his lip before resuming his icecream. "So... what does Tezuka-san say about this? Does he know?"

"Still sounds like a bad situation." Ohtori chewed idly on the spoon after he had taken another bite of icecream. "Tezuka-san knows; he was rather upset at how depressed I seemed to be getting, which I can't fault him for. His advice seemed mostly in vein of giving it time so we would both be able to heal from what happened."

"Oh", Taichi mumbled, pouting a little. "Depression isn't very good desu... I'm glad you feel better desu!" He thought for a little while. "Since your friend was in an accident... Uhm... Was it serious? I mean, serious like he'll never ever recover again, or a little better than that...?"

"Rather serious, but from what I've gathered he will recover eventually. He... ran into a back street and got hit by a car." Offering Taichi a small, apologetic smile, Ohtori finished what was left of his icecream. "I guess I ended up talking about it more than I thought I would; sorry to go on about such an unpleasant topic."

Taichi took his time to finish up his own icecream as well before he answered: "It's all right desu. I mean, that you talk about it even if it's so unpleasant, doesn't that mean you really need to talk about it or something desu?"

"I probably need to to a degree, but I still don't as much as I should." Shrugging, Ohtori stood and took the plastic cups and spoons the icecream had came in to dispose of them since they both seemed done. "But it's nice knowing that people don't mind listening. Would you like to stay here for a while longer or shall we be going?"

"It seems pretty rude to be here when we're done, doesn't it? We can go desu." Taichi got to his feet, making sure he remembered Akutsu's book and his own purse. Having everything, he turned bright eyed to Ohtori: "Do you have any idea what you wanna do now desu? We're on a mission to fight your boredom here desu!!"

After going to the counter to pay for the icecream, Ohtori returned to Taichi so they could head outside. Considering what options were open to them, Ohtori suggested, "Something that might let us escape the crowd for a while and actually have breathing space. Maybe find a park or the like?" Grinning, the taller teenager asked, "So it's a mission now?"

Taichi laughed and tugged onto Ohtori's arm, pulling him through the crowd. "Of course it is desu! Boredom is very bad desu, and we have to fix it desu!" Looking around, he suddenly lit up even more. "Can't we go to a museum and look at some pretty art desu? And we can go to a park afterwards and feed cute duckies desu!"

Chuckling, Ohtori gave his consent. "That's fine with me. Now we have a plan for our mission." He allowed Taichi to pull him along through the crowd, not minding in the least. "There should be an art museum somewhere around here."

"Really desu? I didn't know that! And..." Taichi looked curiously at the other boy. "You're the first person I've met who didn't call me stupid of something for suggesting a trip to the museum desu..."

"I've been to it a couple times before, but I wouldn't mind going again." Looking somewhat surprised in turn, Ohtori looked down at Taichi while trying to not collide with anyone as they walked. "Really? I like museums, art ones best of all."

The smaller boy tried his best to avoid the crowd as well, smiling sheepishly. "I guess the people I usually hang out with would rather be caught dead than go to a museum... They're pretty... I don't know... Manly about the whole thing desu?"

Blinking, Ohtori processed that for a moment, shifting their direction toward where he remembered the art museum being located. "I don't really see anything unmanly about it. Tezuka-san and I went to a few while on vacation, and Shishido -san got dragged along."

"I know that", Taichi giggled, "but a lot of my friends thinks that it's either really unmanly or just something only really stuck up rich kids do... And sorry... Their words, not mine..." He blushed at that, looking a little guilty.

"Don't worry about it. I think Hyotei's rather notorious as the stuck-up rich kid school." Grinning to show that no offense was taken, Ohtori guided them toward a large building of modern design, large windows showing the people inside and corridors leading further in to the main galleries.

Taichi smiled, then his face grew pretty long. "Uhm... How much do they charge here by the way...?"

"They don't charge admission for us since we're still in junior high." Seeing Taichi's expression, Ohtori gave the boy a light pat on the head. "Several of the museums in the city are that way, so I find it's best to take advantage of that."

"Really", Taichi exclaimed, brightening up notably. "That's wonderful, Ohtori-san! Then it's all good desu, let's go inside desu!!"

"Really." Glad that the other seemed visibly happier, Ohtori entered the museum with him, the automated doors sliding open as cool air washed over them. They approached the counter where the receptionist sat, a woman in her mid- twenties.

"Good afternoon. How may I help you?" she asked politely.

"Admission for two," Ohtori replied. He then pulled out his school ID to show her, briefly receiving a look of surprise that was quickly masked when she saw that he was a middle school student. Making the assumption that Taichi was the same, she handed each their tickets for entry.

Taichi recieved his ticked with a big grin the receptionist couldn't help but return. Really, the two boys seemed very sympathic, the two of them. She actually recognized the silver haired tall boy from before. "Have fun", she called after them.

Taichi walked quietly down the corridor, eyes wandering from painting to painting, all of them breathtaking. So he was easily impressed, nothing wrong with that, right? "Can you believe some of these guys spent years and years on one single painting

"Yes. It's rather overwhelming to see some of them in person and know how much effort went into each one. It's a lot different from just seeing pictures or pritns, isn't it?" Ohtori whispered back, remembering a similar feeling of impression the first time he came to the museum. Tone kept low so as to not disturb the other visitors, Ohtori asked, "Do you have a favorite artist or go more with recognizing what you like when you see it?"

Not able to take his eyes away from the paintings, Taichi said in the same low tone: "I'm more of a recognizion type I think. I don't like pictures of crying children desu, they make me sad, but I love paintings that show mythological things, you know... And you?"

"I'm partial to a few, van Gogh for example, but I mostly go on a recognition basis too." Attention not quite as devoted to the paintings as Taichi's Ohtori watched to make sure they weren't going to bump into anyone. "I like ones that reference mythology as well, and some landscapes."

"Yeah, landscapes are pretty desu!" Taichi thought for a bit. "I'm actually not all that familiar with all those foreign names desu... But I know Van Gogh and Da Vinci. But I think the Mona Lisa is ugly desu..." He blushed, hoping that no one had heard him that might be offended by that.

"Most of what I know about artists I picked up from visits to places like these and my mother. She's largely responsible for cultivating my art appreciation." Ohtori smiled. "The Mona Lisa isn't really one of my favorites either; I can see the skill in it, but doesn't really fall within my own tastes. I don't care much for some of the more modern stuff."

"Some of the modern stuff is really ugly", Taichi frowned, wrinkling his nose. "But I really like those pictures of beautiful ladies in pretty dresses and a lot of flowers around them! In some of the official pictures to Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach they copied those with the Ai Tenshi desu!"

"Mm. And some it's hard to be impressed by when it's basically one large block of color." Expression thoughtful, Ohtori nodded slightly to himself when the type of pictures Taichi was talking about came to mind. "I don't think I've seen the pictures of Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding, but I think I know which paintings you're talking about. Or I have a mental image that seems right at least." They worked their way farther into the gallery, passing numerous works of art of immeasurable value.

"You haven't seen Wedding Peach? It's a great anime desu! I love it so much, it's almost like Sailor Moon, but not so many characters desu, and it's not as confusing desu..." He stopped in front of a great painting that showed a scene from the French Revolution. "Wow..."

"I'll try to watch it sometime if I have the chance." When Taichi stopped Ohtori did as well, both to keep from colliding with the smaller boy and because he liked this particular painting as well.

"Pretty... And scary desu..." Taichi tore his eyes away from the painting and looked up at the young Hyoutei member. "You can come home to my place anytime you want and watch it with me desu!"

"All right, I'll take you up on the offer sometime." Tilting his head to one side, Ohtori smiled down at the dark-haired youth. "I should give you my cell phone number or something, in case you ever feel like contacting me."
gottisrpg: "Yes", Taichi squealed, then quickly put a hand to his mouth, blushing. People turned their heads and stared, then decided that it wasn't really anything important and moved along. Still blushing, Taichi continued, in a much lower voice: "You can have my number too if you want too."

"All right." Throughout the exchange Ohtori had kept his voice quiet, used to doing so out of habit while in places like the museum. Taking out his mobile phone, he made a new entry for Taichi, and gave the other boy his number as well, catching a glimpse of the time before he put his phone away. "Shall we continue? I think we've got a little while longer before the museum closes for the day."

"Sounds good desu", Taichi nodded, thinking for a little bit. "Ohtori-san? Is there something here that you would reccomend? I mean, something that I can't miss since I'm here?"

"Hmm." Ohtori thought over the inquiry, using what Taichi said he liked as a basis. "I'd say the Monet paintings, and then the sculpture garden on the way out. We could always come back another time and see the rest."
gottisrpg: Taichi nodded eagerly. He had no idea who - or what - Monet was, but the sculpture garden sounded wonderful. Being surronded by art outdoors must be wonderful he figured."Yay!"

Ohtori progressed upstairs, looking for the room he wanted, going against the flow of people which seemed to be slowly heading toward the exit. Finding what he was looking for, he entered the room, several of Monet's paintings featured. Serene images greeted them, playing on light and landscape. Nature featured prominently, with one that had two women dressed in white sitting on a boat, each painting a good representation of the Impressionism style.

Gaping, the young Yamabuki maneger walked around, feeling himself being sweapt away of the paintings, it felt as if they placed him in another time, at another place, and it was tranquil and nice. He stopped in front of a painting of a woman sitting in the grass, a couple of willows behind her, and behind them a river. Across the river there were a couple of buildings. What captivated Taichi was that the woman was seemingly holding something but he couldn't make out what it was. He looked at the painting for a good while before moving on. "This is all beautiful", he breathed.

Observing the younger boy in silence, Ohtori was pleased to see that the paintings seemed to have drawn Taichi in. He remembered feeling the same way years ago, and it was nice to see it in someone else. Following as Taichi made his way around the room, Ohtori said, "I figured you should at least see these paintings, if nothing else, based on what you said you liked."

"Don't mind at all. I've had fun hanging out with you so far." The sudden grabbing of his hand surprised Ohtori somewhat, but he didn't mind. "I don't really know what one is closest, so I guess we can wander some. Do you have any in particular in mind?"

"Not really", Taichi said slowly, as they walked onwards. As they rounded a corner, Taichi could hear sirens in the distance and he turned his head to look as an ambulance rushed by. "Wonder what happened", he mumbled.

"Hmm. No idea." Ohtori looked curiously after the blaring vehicle as it sped off in the distance. "Hopefully nothing too bad." A certain degree of seriousness was involved if it required an ambulance, but that didn't mean it was anything fatal. "Let's just see where we stumble upon first."

"Okay", Taichi smiled, trying to forget the ambulance. Whenever he heard sirens like that go off, he immediately thought that something bad had happened some old lady or something who lived all alone, with no one around to care for her, and when she was in the hospital, no one would ver visit her. So he had a pretty vivid imagination, nothing wrong with that, right? "So... why do you play tennis? If I can ask you that?"

Continuing along the sidewalk, they began to move away from the commercial hub of the city, the crowds thinning a bit but not disappearing entirely. "You can ask whatever you want; if there's something I don't want to answer, I'll tell you." Ohtori smiled as he continued, "I started playing when I was younger just as a hobby. A couple of my other friends played, so we learend the basics together, and I found that I had a lot of fun with it. When I got into middle school I decided to join the tennis club, and I guess that just sparked... something that made me want to excel at tennis to the best of my abiliites. What made you want to play?"

"Oh", Taichi mused, thinking back a few years. "My aunt, dad's brother's wife, has a son from a previous marriage. He was always kind to me and stuff, so I looked up to him desu. And he played tennis, and one day he let me try. I thought it was really fun, but I wasn't any good. I'm still pretty bad, but I really know the rules and what makes a good team, so I guess that's why I'm a manager in stead of a player desu. I still want to beat Echizen-kun one day though..."

"I'm sure with practice you'll get better." Ohtori gave Taichi a reassuring grin as they walked along. "I wasn't that great to begin with, but I feel like I've come a long way. Just took a lot of training and determining what I'm best at to use that to my advantage." As they rounded a curve in the street, greenery came into view, a welcome spot of nature amidst the bustling urban center. "If you want, we could play sometime and I could see if there's any pointers I could give you."

With the greenery came a faint smell of hot dogs, and Taichi smiled, even though he wasn't hungry, it was always nice to enjoy a hot dog together with a friend. "Would you? That would be super nice! My info about you say that you have a super powerful serve, if I wrote that correctly...?"

"Sure. Yes, the Scud Serve. I guess you could say that's my special move." Concrete was exchanged for a worn dirt path that led further into the park, children playing on the green and a few other people meandering the winding paths. "Do you play data tennis? Or is it just part of being a manager?" Ohtori wasn't entirely familiar with that style of tennis, though he'd had it used against him before.

The slightly younger boy laughed apologetically. "No, it's not really data tennis. It's a maneger thing, I have to keep some kind of track on the other teams, but I usually fail at that too. I mean, I didn't even recognize Echizen-kun the first time I talked with him, so I talked on and on about that mysterious Echizen Ryoma, and Echizen-kun sat there and looked weird, and I didn't realize..."

"Ah. It sounds complicated having to keep track of that many other people in detail, so that's understandable. Besides, even having data on someone doesn't mean you necessarily know them." Giving the younger boy a friendly pat on the head, Ohtori walked on aimlessly, glad to just have the breathing space. "Did you still want to find the ducks?"

"It was pretty complicated", Taichi agreed, "but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm practicing tennis on my own too, though. I don't have a special style yet, but I know I want to be as good as Echizen-kun one of these days..." He followed a little girl who ran past them, a bright pink balloon in her hands with his eyes. "The ducks? Yeah! I don't know if I have anything to feed them with though... Think we can buy something somewhere?"

"That's good, then. I'm sure you'll find what works best for you." There were a few other children running around, one dragging a kite that appeared half his size. Ohtori nodded, as they made their way, looking for a vendor. "I think so. There might be someone around here selling something we could use."

"Great", Taichi beamed, scanning the area for some salesman. He smiled at the boy with the kite, he used to love kites as well, when he was younger. "So... Ohtori-san... Do you have any siblings?"

"Yes. I have an older sister. She's already finished with high school and starting her first year at university. How about you?" As they neared the pond, Ohtori caught sight of cart that seemed there for the express purpose of selling food for people to feed the ducks. Going toward there, he purchased a bag of breadcrumbs for he and Taichi to use.

Taichi trailed along to the cart, pausing to say a quick "hello how do you do" to the salesman, then he followed Ohtori towards the pond. "I have a little sister desu. She's super cute desu! And then I have a super cute dog desu!"

"My sister has a cat, though it ends up sleeping on me a lot." Taking a handful of the pieces of bread, he offered the paper bag to Taichi as he scattered a few in the water, attracting the attention of the ducks. "I take it you like animals?"

Nodding, Taichi picked out his own hand full of bread crums and threw them into the water. A lone duck noticed that something was going on, a female, and she quacked, alerting the others that wobbled about. "I love animals, and people. I even love flies, they're so cute when they groom themselves desu!"

"It's good that you love so many things; that probably makes it easier for you to find things you enjoy, or people that you like." Smiling, Ohtori threw some more of the food into the water and watched a couple of the ducks begin to squabble over it.

"Oh, look, they're so cute", Taichi exclaimed, pointing at the ducks. He nodded in afterthought at Ohtori's comment, and smiled. "Yeah, it's nice. I love life... most of the time anyway."

"Yeah, they are." Aside from the minor tussles over who got what food first, the ducks seemed to be quacking quite happily at them. "That's good. I think it's not really possible to /all/ the time, but I it's good to try to as much as possible."

"Yeah", Taichi nodded, serious. "No one can be happy all the time, but the times you can be, they're great, right? And the little things are what's great, don't you think? Like the ducks, or the boy with the kite, and things like that desu..."

"Yes, they are. And they're good to think back on during the times when you're not happy." Giving the other's words a moment of consideration, Ohtori nodded his agreement. "Yes. Small little details like that make the world seem better, or at least act as a reminder that things can be more... peaceful, and not quite as busy or traumatic as they can get."

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